Bios (was [LMB] Listees by nation)

Khenta skyfire at
Sat, 23 Feb 2002 19:40:13 -0800

Dave wrote:

> I do know we have a Spaniard, an
> Italian and a German or two actually living in Germany that have yet to send
> me anything... So...

One of those would be me... put away the club already, I've got the hint
now... :)

Chosen name: Khenta
My legal last name is Hanel and it's only sometimes that I wish my
parents had
given me a first name that starts with a C -they didn't-; and people who
don't get it when I
say "that's spelled like Chanel, just without the C" annoy me

DOB: 28 Nov 1969 (sun in Sagittarius, moon in Cancer, Libra ascending)
in: Heidelberg, Germany
currently residing in Mannheim, Germany
<entering TMI zone>
tall, but still undertall (in the Garfieldian sense); unsociable
solitary practitioner, neo-pagan feminist spirituality
sharing rooms with 2 cats, Kimba (pure white Turkish Angora) and Kasimir
(black OSH-mix)
single, no partner, no kids, no ambition

survivor of Catholic Girls School (or is it Catholic Girl's School?)
1980 - '89
Heidelberg University, 1991 - 1995, Educational
Science/Sociology/Psychology, dropout without degree
vocational school 1996 - '98, BTA (not sure if that translates as
Research Technician or Lab Technician - let's say lab drone ;))
formerly employed in a molecular biology lab of Heidelberg University
Hospital (Cardiology)
now in another mol.biol. lab of Mannheim Univ. Hospital (Oncology)

biblioholic (yes, I *will* buy books that I probably won't read, just
because they interest me at the time)
TV-addict (Farscape, Futurama, Malcolm in the Middle, Andromeda,
X-Files, Simpsons, ER, S*x and the City, Ally McBeal, Buffy, Angel, CSI)
listmail-addict ;)
some favourite authors: LMB (natch), Doyle/Macdonald, Lee/Miller, E.
Moon, GGK, Anne Bishop, Kristine Smith <waving hand - I like them a
lot!>, Doris Egan/Jane Emerson, J. K. Rowling and more...

Tested out as IXTJ years ago, don't know if that's still accurate
AQ 33
would get sorted into Hufflepuff
haven't taken the DnD test yet

That's not all I'm ever going to say about me, but all for now :)