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Sheila Jesgar Sheilajes at prodigy.net
Sat, 23 Feb 2002 17:14:07 -0600

Resume writing used to be my job.  This was much harder.

Sheila R. Jesgar

Personal:  Mistakenly born in Augusta, GA.  Properly grew up in Ft. Walton
Beach, FL.  Lived in Denver, Knoxville, St. Louis, and now, the DFW area.
Proudly married to F.J. for 27 years.  Two children:  Andrew - 23 yrs.;
Rebecca - 19 yrs.

Education:  Actually completed B.G.S. on the 26 year plan. (Made Mom happy to
see her eldest actually complete it with honors.)  Emphasis areas:  HR &Org.
Mgt; Industrial Psych..   Two classes short of completing a national
certification in NPO management.  One test away from completing Alternative
Teaching Certification in Special Education - Autism

AQ Score:  5 (Considering my job, I find this a hoot.)

Profession:  Currently teaching HS students with autism who benefit from a
self-contained classroom.  Previous careers include:  Business consultant in
the area of outplacement and employee relocation.  Resume writer.  HR
Generalist at a grocery distribution center.  Teacher Assistant in Special
Education.  Full time Mom of two children with special needs (ADD, asthma/son;
deaf daughter).  Volunteer Extraordinaire at multiple NPOs and a trained Child

Residence:  Irving, TX for the present, but not the long-term future.

Favorite Authors:  Fiction:  LMB; Asimov (since age 6); Alfred Bester;
Heinlein; some Zimmer-Bradley; Sayers; Twain; Kipling  Non-Fiction:  Fisher &
Ury; DeborahTannen; Leigh Thompson.  Just ordered:  The Power of Babel by John

Personality traits:  Not the smartest candle that ever burned, but obsessively
persistent and outcome oriented.  Friendly and fairly social.

Accomplishments:  Champion kite flyer of my senior class, great pie baker, and
a semi-fair seamstress

Goals:  Finish the alt. cert., get my kids through college, hit the beaches.

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