[LMB] OT: does anyone recognize this language?

hedwig hedwig at tima.com
Sun, 24 Feb 2002 08:24:37 -0500

Good morning! Joel, Hedwig's husband, here.

This post caught my eye because I collect (among other things) foreign
paper money, and Justus Liebig (1803-1873, a pioneering German organic
chemist) is pictured on the 100-Reichsmark note used in Nazi Germany
(1935 issue). I've always thought that rather ironic because of the
association of Hitler with the "big lie" technique of propaganda...

Kathleen was right, the language is Hungarian, but without diacriticals
(key word: Magyar, the Hungarians' name for themselves). Unfortunately,
I don't know a word of it either... although, having looked up Herr
Liebig in our encyclopedia and learned what his field of expertise was,
I would hazard a guess that "kimia" might mean "chemistry," akin to the
German "Chemie".

It is interesting that Liebig's name is given the way it is, since
standard Hungarian form is to put the family name first (cf. "Profitne
Zsuzsana" for "Susan Profit" in Mark's post). Maybe that doesn't go for
non-Magyars, but I dunno.

Just my couple of fillir worth, as it were...

Joel Hoover
Bedford, Indiana
who apparently has the same name as a college football player somewhere,
which is what I wind up with whenever I search for my name