[LMB] Bios (And Excel Too)

Mary Brodd hoyameb at qconline.com
Sun, 24 Feb 2002 08:16:25 -0500

(emerging from lurkerdom)

Mary from Moline (Illinois, USA - Farm Implement Capital of the World)

36 years old, two kids, one husband, no pets.

BS International Affairs (studied some Russian).

Computer help desk person at junior college (where I essentially get 
paid to sit and fiddle with my web pages, I love my job!), taking
a computer class here and there too.

Spent three years in Moscow USSR (Dec 1989-Dec 1992) working as a 
clerk at the US Embassy, where I met said husband (who's from Iowa). 

Started reading LMB about 8 years ago, when I bought several titles 
from a friend at his huge book sale (thought he was dying of cancer, 
happily hasn't happened but I'm not giving the books back either...),
generally been reading science fiction since childhood, along
with mysteries (love academic ones especially), humor (Jerome K.
Jerome, PGW, Mark Twain), lots of computer books, and "food
p*rn" too (can't cook very well but LOVE to read about it).

I've wanted for at least a year to say a big THANK YOU to the 
entire list for enriching my reading list so tremendously - Kristine 
Smith (got an autographed one from the shelf at the Schaumberg 
Borders recently, tee hee) and Terry Pratchett (HOW did I SURVIVE 
without reading Pratchett???) especially. I have a database on my 
Palm Pilot that's about a mile long, I'll definitely never run out of 
things to read... 

(Don't know whether to thank or curse whomever mentioned the Small 
World project - just what I need, another obsession...)

Well anyway. If any of you ever find yourselves driving across the 
USA, you're likely to pass through Moline (Interstate 74-80) - stop 
at Pizza and Subs on John Deere Road - you won't regret it. A most
excellent crust!

Thanks again!

Mary in Moline, who makes her own pizza (and bread)  anyway.

(PS to whomever was looking for Excel tutorials or books -
try www.spreadsheetstyle.com, their links page is quite extensive and 
has a rating system.)