[LMB] "It doesn't apply to me."

Casey Allison cameramom00 at yahoo.com
Sun, 24 Feb 2002 11:08:51 -0800 (PST)

--- PAT MATHEWS <mathews55 at msn.com> wrote:

> Oh, dear. YES, IT DOES. <

   Well, obviously, I agree with this! <G>

> From my quote book at the time of some workplace
problems of my own, "The problems of a great genius
can be sized down to fit the lesser troubles of a
bookkeeper. It does not work the other way around." <

   Oh, that first sentence is *perfect*! <writing that
one down...> I don't know that I'd agree with the
second, though. Seems a two-way street to me, at least
for the most part.

> You talk about greater genius -- and greater
troubles. Yes indeed, they DO size down to fit us.) <

   Exactly. Though everyone's coping mechanisms are
different, making solutions more difficult, or even
impossible, to recommend/share. All I can do is to say
that indeed it's survivable, and may even result in
unexpected gains.

   But Mark, you say you want to remain both in your
field and in your geographic area... that's bound to
be narrowing your options an awful lot, isn't it? You
may be forced to a choice of priority; a stressful
enough task, that one: If love of work and love of
place seem equal, the scale-tipping factors may be
*way* down in the fine print. Give it some thought?

   Pat gave you some pretty specific suggestions of
where/whom to network in your job search. I can't be
near that exact, but.... What about one of the several
national labs in New Mexico? The range and depth of
their works are amazing. Listie Bill Wenrich, Sandia
Labs--any ideas for Mark??? Any contacts at Los
Alamos, either/too??? 

   The costs of living in those two areas is high (to
me, anyway, down here in the po' part of the state
<G>), but surely nowhere near the costs of California,
particularly Silicon Valley! 

   And here's one more "quote" <G> which surely Lois
will forgive:

   "You're not making proper use of your ListMind
resources, Mark. Here you have, on-line, the most
high-powered group of employment babas on the planet,
and you haven't even brought them into play!"


~ Casey

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