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Kiri Aradia Morgan tiamat at tsoft.com
Sun, 24 Feb 2002 12:02:12 -0800 (PST)

On Sun, 24 Feb 2002, Michael Bauminger wrote:

> On Friday, February 22, 2002 11:38 PM, "Kiri Aradia Morgan"
> tiamat at tsoft.com wrote:
> > Somebody said that they make kosher Cokes without
> > corn syrup.  I prefer cane sugar sodas, but I couldn't
> > find the kosher Coke even though there are huge
> > displays of matzos and other Passover goodies all
> > over the local Safeway.  How can I recognize it and
> > will it look different than regular Coke, or will there be
> > a code I have to look for? 
> Corn (maize) is a grain, but it is not one of the 5 biblical grains
> (wheat, oats, barley, rye, and spelt) the leavened forms of which are
> biblically prohibited for Passover. Ashkenazic tradition prohibits
> other species that are a) grains and b) subject to leavening, but it
> is a Rabbinic, not Biblical prohibition. However, it means that in the
> Ashkenazic tradition, corn, rice, mustard, and legumes - including
> peas and peanuts - among other species are prohibited for use on
> Passover.

Thank you!  this is very interesting.

> Also, Passover is unusual in that Jews are forbidden from
> getting any use from leavened products on Passover, not just from
> eating them. They are also under injunction not to have any leavened
> products in the house.

That's what I thought.  That's why I thought that you would have to get
the cat food out of the place, also.
> Kosher for Passover Coca Cola (not "kosher Coke" - the corn stuff is
> kosher for the rest of the year) will have an "OU" (that is a "U"
> inside an "O") with a "P" on the cap, or "OU-P" inkjetted onto the
> side of the bottle. There may be other markings as well. It might be
> too early for the kosher for Passover stuff to show up in the
> supermarkets - Passover is still a month away.

Well, the matzot and whatnot are showing up, but Safeway gets stuff in
early.  I'll keep looking for the Cokes.  Thanks for the code.  I knew
there was something I was going to have to look for.

I used to have an allergic reaction to corn, but I had some Chinese
medicine treatments for my immune system and it has mostly gone away.
However, I prefer not to imbibe it when I can avoid it, so I was thinking
that stocking up on Coke when I can get corn-free ones would be a very,
very good idea.  Especially since Jolt is no longer corn-free.

> > My second question is silly.
> No it isn't. :-)

> > If I were buying the kosher
> > stuff for religious reasons, instead of because I happen
> > to like to eat it once in a while, would I have to remove
> > the cat food from my house, and what would I feed her
> > instead?
> Because Jews are prohibited from getting any use from leavened items
> on Passover, and because they may not have such items in the house,
> they cannot use commercial pet foods on Passover and need to have them
> out of the house. As for what they feed their cats, that is easy -
> people food. They give them tuna, boneless chicken, maybe a little
> stew. It may not be the balanced nutrition that the cat food makers
> tout their products as being, but it keeps their cats going for the
> week.

For a week, that would be fine.  There may be wet cat foods that don't
contain grain, for that matter, but I don't know for sure because she only
gets that as a treat.

> Then all they have to do is convince the cats to give up people
> food for cat food again. :-)


Long ago I was very broke and I shared my food with my cat for a short
while instead of buying her her own food.  It was indeed very hard to
convince her to give that up!

And she still insists on having a taste of everything, even though she
doesn't always like my food or understand how I can eat it.  She really
doesn't get salad, although she likes the dressing, and she is also
mystified by Jelly-Ace (a Japanese equivalent of Jell-O, whose taste I
prefer to the American version.)

Thank you very much and thanks to all the other people who answered,
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