[LMB] Re: OT: bios

eide at hawaii.edu eide at hawaii.edu
Sun, 24 Feb 2002 11:46:12 -1000 (HST)

In desperation I've been deleting LMB list posts that are threatening to
swamp my inbox, but I deduce that it is bio time again, so here goes:

Phyllis Eide, born 10/19/55 in Mt. Vernon WA, raised east of the mountains
in WA state, and attended Whitworth College (Spokane) and Pacific Lutheran
U. (Tacoma), graduating with a BSN in nursing in 1978.  Worked in the
Pacific NW as a public health nurse, and got involved with the PORSFS
crowd in Portland, attending Orycons and others in the area.  Mostly lurk
on the list, but have met several listees in real time <G>, as well as LMB
herself.  Looking forward to DI later in the spring ....

Moved to Hawaii in 1982 for a job - thought I'd be there 2-3 years - would
be 20 years come this Labor Day, but have taken a new job back in Spokane,
and plan to be a subversive liberal <G>.  I'll be teaching community
health at the WSU nursing program, which has been my area of specialty.
Sometimes the universe just sends you signals that it's time to move on -
my mom turned 70 two days prior to the WTC on 9/11 - that helped put
things into perspective.  She just broke a hip yesterday in a car roll
over - thankfully was wearing a seatbelt which likely saved her neck - and
will need surgery.  At times like this, 2,500 miles away is just too damn
far.  Add to that the nearly constant rain where I live (Hilo - rainiest
city in the U.S.), and the rotten economy - life in Paradise is not
always what it is cracked up to be.  It will be nice to be back in the
land of <relatively> cheap gas, food, etc.  The "paradise tax" is about
paying 30% more for most things over here, sigh.

MS/MPH from U. of Hawaii in 1985/86, with fieldwork in Micronesia, and PhD
from Univ. of Colorado in 2000.

Family:  2 cats, one sister, one mom.  A small cohort, but sturdy.  Books
all over the house, ditto CD's, ditto music (recorder, organ, piano).
Astronomy is a hobby (I'm shipping my 6" no matter what - took time and
effort to grind that sucker) and I look forward to clear dark skies once

Will be at ConJose w/Pat Mathews, and hope to get to Westercon too
(trolling for a roomie there - email me if interested - I'm a fairly
sedate nonsmoker, but I like to have a Good Time (tm).

One last thought - nothing like an impending move to make those
give/take/sell decisions on things like books so fraught!  and living 10
years in one spot sure allows the stuff to pile up.  Right now the "sparse
and spare" school of decorating is quite alluring for my next home . . .