[LMB] MiniLoisCon - SF1-A

Agnes Charrel-Berthillier agnes at charrel.net
Sun, 24 Feb 2002 22:08:42 -0800

Robert Parks wrote:
> Sandra Schmidt arrived early in the afternoon and devoured DI in short
> order, then went on to ransack my shelfs and make off with some choice
> selections, then finished off a couple Lee & Miller chapbooks.  Agnes
> Charrel-Berthillier arrived later and devoured DI in short order.  I
> know that is repetitive, but (hands book to person entering door, stand
> back) :)

Read the last 8 chapters and epilogue in a bit under 2 hours - and
Robert is *not* joking about his approach to book pushing: handed the
book to me, pointed to the couch, and was there with suggestions for
further reading when I emerged two hours laters.
Munchies? What munchies?? (and I had brought my favorite cookies too).

Comments: it was too short! Now have to wait another year for the next
fix!!! <wail>
> We then went for sushi at Ebisu, that was predictable too.

Predictable delicious, too.

Agnes, drunk on good books, good fish, and good company :)