[LMB] Book Saga Continued to Romance

Susan Profit tinne at eskimo.com
Mon, 25 Feb 2002 01:52:38 -0800 (PST)

So far, and it does not include the boxes of books under the bed, we
have taken 18 boxes of books out of the house. Bill does not
understand how we can have so many books. The monthly book shopping
has nothing to do with it, they must be breeding in the back bedroom
when no one is looking. 

We have hauled them to three houses where people have sifted through
them. So far, five boxes have gone home with friends. Wednesday will
be another gathering of the local Stitch and Bitch and I expect more
will go home with attendees of that. I have been enjoying the look of
discovery as people find old books they always meant to get and
haven't yet, or finding new authors they have never read. 

However, one woman came to our house this afternoon. She was looking
at the Bujold longingly, but was surprised to find I wouldn't give
her the titles she was missing. I asked her why she thought she
enjoyed Lois's works? "She has the fine touch of a Georgette Heyer
kind of Romance novel - humor and plot along with the sighs and
longings." I loaned her ACC, but I think this counts as one who came
in via the romance angle.

Susan in Seattle