[LMB] Nexus Tech observation

Damien R. Sullivan phoenix at ugcs.caltech.edu
Mon, 25 Feb 2002 11:26:10 -0800

So, Beta leads in non-biological weaponry, and Jackson's Whole tries to
Cetaganda seems to lead in human engineering, and maybe bioweaponry, and
JW tries to compete.

We never hear of someone having the most advanced computers.  Or
nanotech.  (Or ship engines, for that matter.)

I'd gather that computers plateaued at a level high enough to run
holovideos and low enough to not really affect anything beyond the level
it's been affected in our world.  (Battle comps don't count; they could
effectively be a supercomputer on the ship, not common holo stuff.)  And
nanotech probably just doesn't exist.

Which is fine, for Drexlerian autonomous nanotech.  But the closest
thing to matter compiler technology is the automated tailors on Earth.
Which, actually, takes up a fair bit of computer power too.  Hmm.

Tangentially, The strong version of the Singularity is that runaway loop
of intelligence boosting Vinge described, so that SF authors can't tell
stories because all their characters are way smarter and more complex
than they are.  The weak version is neat toys piling up so that it gets
hard to come up with stories not solvable by some neat toy (Late Niven's
Known Space, Star Trek).  

-xx- Damien X-)