[LMB] favorite non-Lois SF/F books OT:

Khenta skyfire at t-online.de
Mon, 25 Feb 2002 20:07:40 -0800

Natalie Getzoff schrieb:
> I am trolling for new books and authors.  :-)  So I thought I would
> suggest that
> people send in a list of five of their favorite SF/F books (NOT

I'll give each (pair of) author(s) or series an entry - I can't possibly
cut this down to single books (and I've had a hard enough time cutting
this down to five):

All-time favourites (i.e. high probability of re-reads), in no
particular order:

Anne Bishop, Dark Jewels trilogy, _The Invisible Ring_
Doyle/Macdonald, Mageworlds-trilogy
Lee/Miller, Liaden novels
Doris Egan (resp. Jane Emerson), Ivory-trilogy, _City of Diamond_

Hm. That's only four. That's the place where Her Ladyship's novel
belong. Hm.
Maybe this one:

Mercedes Lackey, Valdemar/Elspeth novels, _Children of the Night_