[LMB] favorite non-Lois SF/F books OT:

Danielle N Hart russianfox_b5 at juno.com
Mon, 25 Feb 2002 20:43:30 -0700

>>_1632_, Eric Flint
	Full of uplifting, cheerful American can-do spirit, while not
ignoring the definite downsides of life in the 1600s.  (Not that the
downsides will exist for much longer if the transplanted West Virginians
have anything to say about it...)  Fluffy and fun.>>

 Wasn't it?  Reading 1632, I really enjoyed the entire thing, and am
looking forward to the short-story thing that was mentioned on list.

  Speaking of 1632, it's one of the books that went to Kuwait - along
with Cordelia's Honor (yes, a brand new copy!), The Honor of the Queen by
you-know-who, Star Trek New Frontier - Cold Wars by Peter David, and a
non-sf book, Justice Denied by Robert K. Tanenbaum (the Karp/Ciampi
series, book 4 or 5, I think).  Next time around we're looking at Island
in the Sea of Time and My Enemy, My Ally, likely.


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