[LMB] OT: Crusade (by DW and Steve White)

Adam K. Reuter aherring at netcarrier.com
Tue, 26 Feb 2002 01:27:18 -0500

If I was going to recommend non-Honor D*v*d W*b*R, I would recommend 
_Path of the Fury_, and the trilogy starting with _Mutineers' Moon_ as 
well as the John Ringo collaborations _March Upcountry_ and _March to 
the Sea_.  They at least had intersting twists and characters.  While I 
found the first collaboration with Steve White (_Insurrection_) mildly 
interesting, I thought the other too were generic military SF with 
nothing special about them at all.  While I managed to slog through 
_Crusade_, I failed to make it past halfway of _In Death Ground_ 
thankfully saving me the expense of purchasing _The Shiva Option_.

Danielle N Hart wrote:

>Anyone else read this?  Anyone else get serious Honor of the Queen
>vibes from it?  I swear he even reuses some of the names, and
>his...distaste, shall we say, for the Diplomatic Corps and Politicians.
> Danielle
>*** That's a little old-fashioned, wouldn't you say ?
>     Maybe.  I've got a lot of old fashioned ideas about you. ***
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