[LMB] Kalevala [OT:]

Heikki Poso hposo at pcu.helsinki.fi
Tue, 26 Feb 2002 16:21:31 +0200 (EET)

Susan Profit wrote:

> You can concentrate on Lois's works by concentrating on one character
> (Aral and Cordelia or Mark or Simon or Elena or Bothari) and then
> another until you have read them all. Will the Kalevala, you can read
> all the chapters about Illmarinen, the those about Va:ina:mo:inen,
> then Joukahinen, then Leminkainen, then Kullervo and Kallervo.

<nitpick>Ilmarinen, Joukahainen, Lemminka:inen, Kalervo</nitpick>.

> Or you can read Lois' things in the chronological order in which they
> run through Mile's life, with the Kallevala you can start with
> the beginning of the world, the forging of the Sampo, to the events on
> Pohjala, and then to the aftermath. Or any other order that seems to
> make sense to you.
> I find it a wonderful book, eternally new and different, and I am
> finding that same sense in Lois's work. 

Oh, I agree. I managed to find an antique leatherbound illustrated
copy, coveted it and rationalized the purchase by giving it to
my wife for Christmas... :-) (She was delighted.) I still haven't
been in the mood to start actually _reading_ it again, but in
the near future...