[LMB] Skippy List OT: - The Military Reaction

David Klecha dklecha at i2k.com
Tue, 26 Feb 2002 09:19:25 -0500

On 2/25/02 11:45 PM, "Danielle N Hart" <russianfox_b5 at juno.com> wrote:

> Dave, shouldn't that be the "easily amused Marine" ? (g, d, r for the M60
> emplacement...)

I've never claimed to be otherwise, my dear.
>>> The following items do not exist: Keys to the Drop Zone, A box of grid
> squares, blinker
>         fluid, winter air for tires, canopy lights, or Chem-Light .
> batteries. >>
> SHHHH - Don't tell them that!  We'll have to come up with more
> pointless tasks for the newbies.

The current unit fave is "a PRIC E-8" (or E-7).  Preferably send them to
Gunny or Top for that one.
> PS: Is it still LCPL Klecha or CPL Klecha now, Dave?  I'd be doing the
> happy Specialist-Promotable dance if my promotion points weren't maxed
> high.

Alas, no.  *sniffle*  And apparently there's a ton of junk holding me up,
too.  Like a rumored promotion freeze for infantry and another rumor that I
have to complete the first stage of the Corps' new martial arts program
before being promoted.

I'd like to get promoted before I head off to graduate school and a new
unit, but I'm not so sure that's going to happen.

Dave (the not in the zone, damnit)