[LMB] OT: Oh, now that's a great idea

Mark Atwood mra at pobox.com
26 Feb 2002 11:29:00 -0800

Stephen Nelson <snelson134 at charter.net> writes:
> Oh, there was an op-ed peice in August(?)[1] last year
> involving the suggestion that the only way we'll ever have
> quality public schools in AL is to outlaw all non-public
> forms of education so the mean-sprited, bigotted, selfish
> people who use them will HAVE to support public schools
> because their kids will be in them....

This is an old argument.  We just did a round of it over in rasfw a
week or so back.

There is a closely related argument, that the "smart kids" and the
kids with involved parents have a positive influence on the other
kids, and that's an unfair depravision of opportunity of the other
kids to not have this "positive influence" in their schooling.


It took some not insignificant effort on my part in my public
schooling experience to not get drafted as a teacher's aid.  Some
friends of mine who were less oppositional and more collegate (sp?)
than I ended up basically having another 5 to 10 hours a *week* doing
paper grading, etc.

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