[LMB] Dialect question (was: More evidence...), back on topic

Jim Parish jparish at siue.edu
Tue, 26 Feb 2002 21:16:39 -0600

Marna Nightingale wrote:
> I love people who go out of their way to spread scary urban legends
> about shrinks and psychiatry and government agencies and then want
> people who won't go and get help because they're afraid locked up.

Mark A. Mandel replied:
> (Dr. Whom has this big broad grin on his face.) Marna, was "they're
> afraid locked up" a typo? If not, could you please rephrase it?
> This looks like a very interesting construction that is perfectly
> "natural" to some North American English-speakers, including Lois,
> and is "what the h*ll was THAT?!" to the rest. And the Lois
> connection makes it on topic.

I parsed the whole phrase as:
(people who won't go and get help because they're afraid)
locked up

Jim Parish