[LMB] favorite non-Lois SF/F books OT:

Marla J. Davis crzydrgn at intrnet.net
Wed, 27 Feb 2002 07:34:13 -0600

Natalie Getzoff wrote:
> I thought I would suggest that people send in a list of five of
> their favorite SF/F books (NOT INCLUDING LOIS'S

Hmmmmmm...lesse...only *five?!*  Welllll...no particular order here, and
most seem to be parts of series (I like long stuff!):

C.J. Cherryh - aw, heck, I like all of hers!
Jane Fancher - _Ring of Intrigue_ (middle of 3)
Curt Benjamin - _The Prince of Shadow_ (sequel due later this year)
Juliet Marillier - _Daughter of the Forest_ (has 2 sequels)
P.N. Elrod - the whole Vampire Chronicles series
Carol Berg - _Revelation_ (sequel to _Transformation_)
Elizabeth E. Wein - _The Winter Prince_
Dean Koontz - _Tick Tock_ (the audio on this one is *great!!!*)
Roger Zelazny - the Amber series
Sondra Marshak & Myrna Culbreath - _The Price of the Phoenix_ and sequel,
_The Fate of the Phoenix_ (both are Star Trek books, based on the original
Jennifer Roberson - _Sword Breaker_ (well, I guess I actually like all 4 of
them, and I'll probably like _Sword Born_ which should be out any time
now...not so fond of her Cheysuli books, though--different POV and a whole
different "feel" to me)

Oh dear.  That's well over five, isn't it.  Oh well!  ::smiling disgustingly
brightly::  But I like so *many...!*  Including Joan D. Vinge, Elizabeth
Moon, Anne Bishop, Glen Cook, Nancy Springer, Andre Norton...Steven
Brust...David Eddings...Raymond Feist...Janny Wurts...early Ann McCaffrey;
"Dragonflight" was my very first sci-fi/fantasy book, back in 3rd
grade...oh, yes, and you too, Kristine!  <g>  I'm sure I'm missing a bunch.

And I, too, like some of L*ck*y's stuff.  <g!>  There's some days I just
gotta read something dripping with teenager-type angst...  I'm not so fond
of her newer stuff, though.  ::mildly disappointed sigh::  I'm also
moderately interested in W*b*r's H*n*r H*rr*ngt*n series, though I do tend
to skim whole sections after the first time through.

Heh.  Can I include Wendy & Richard Pini's ElfQuest?  There are six
written-word-type anthologies based on their World of Two Moons...  So what
the main stuff is graphic novels/comics--the pictures are *good!*  And so's
the story, IMHO.  <plug> The movie's underway, the Pini's are personally in
charge of it (Wendy's dong some of the actual art for the animation!
Whoopieeeeee!!!), and it's due in theaters in early 2003.  </plug>   : =}

so many books, so little time--no, wait...I read too fast!  I need *more!!!*