[LMB] OT: Mental Health & the Yeats trial

TheOTThug at aol.com TheOTThug at aol.com
Wed, 27 Feb 2002 11:17:11 EST

Marna wrote:
<<Since my opinions on the Yates situation are bitter 
<<and nasty and will probably rack off at least half 
<<the list, I'd as soon not go there.

Actually, I kind of doubt that.  I am a fairly 
conservative law and order kinda guy, but I am very torn
by this case.  I see several things.  I don't like 
using mental illness as an excuse.  If it is real, then 
you control it as much as you can and minimize the 
possibilities of disaster.  If it is not real, don't try
to create it to excuse inexcusable behavior.

If this lady really was mentally impaired then those
around her who were not should be on trial for reckless
endangerment.  You do not have someone who is not stable
HOME SCHOOL 5 children and be their only supervision.
Come on now.  that is just asking for problems.  No one
would know if she became abusive or neglectful.  The
kids would never be seen by anyone.

As I said before, you have to take protective steps.  If
an interesting person is a pick pocket, you don't have 
to avoid them.  Just don't carry more money than you can
afford to lose in your pocket.  If the woman is subject
to PPD and PPS, you get her help at home.  Maybe mom,
maybe a neighbor, maybe a nanny.  You just don't leave
her there on the island struggling to survive on her 

About the story I had, I forgot to mention the reason
the guy snapped.  It seems that he was feeling great
while on the meds.  In fact, he felt so good that he 
decided he was cured.  So, when his medicine ran out, he
did not get the prescription refilled.  Again, the 
support system failed.  If you are in this type of 
emotional mental situation, you MUST have one or more
people who can act as spotters and aid you.  If you 
don't have people who can help, you are a danger to
yourself and to others.

As opposed to Eric, I would say that people who's 
problems can be reasonably controlled by meds, or 
behavior modifications should not be hospitalized.  But
they should not be left out there to fight alone.  Only
those who's demons cannot be controlled should be locked
up.  And, I feel that it is the government's job to 
make sure that those who are out there fighting to keep
their lives have the support needed to do so.

Will this stop all problems caused by mental illness?
Of course not.  But we can't solve all problems caused
by physical illness nor those caused by just rotten
people.  The point is to minimize those problems while
living your lives as best you can.

Jeff Parker