[LMB] Duelling Omelet Pans? [OT:]

Padget, Scott R scott.r.padget at boeing.com
Wed, 27 Feb 2002 12:41:13 -0600

> it's an expression of the infinite confidence I have in you.
> You could use the challenge.
> If she's going to lose, as I'm sure the impeccable swordsman Scott will 
> ensure <snip>
> Am I back in proper Second mode now?

<THWAP!>  Down, boy!  Remember what I said about getting me in more trouble
than I'm already in?  (What *is* this?  Is there some fundamental physical
Law Of Conservation Of Arrogance that nobody's told me about or something?)

Okay, who bribed Andrew and what exactly is the ultimate objective of this
evil plot?  And has Andrew forgotten that I'm his conduit for a DI ARC, or
that Marna is *my* conduit for same?

I'm thinking this little reminder should be serve as a *major* muzzle....

Pilot Padget--quietly sharpening his blade, and wondering if life might
proceed more smoothly if he changed targets