[LMB] OT: Pillses, we hates them.

Louann Miller louann_m at yahoo.com
Wed, 27 Feb 2002 17:23:24 -0600

At 02:53 PM 2/27/2002 -0500, Marna wrote:
>Yep. BTDT. So has Dr Kay Redfield Jameson, ref: _An Unquiet Mind_.  She 
>went off her meds, oh, five times?
>And she is a recognised international expert on mood disorders.  If anyone
>should have known better, she should have.  She did know better.
>Mood meds are tricky that way: when they're working, they feel as if they
>weren't doing anything.
>And here's the thing: med compliance isn't a mental health problem: it's a
>public heatlh problem.  Lack of compliance among mental health patients is 
>the same as among heart patients -- who are presumably in their right minds.
>Something deep is going on with that: MOST people with chronic conditions 
>take their meds as prescribed. MOST. And it's not much better with acute
>conditions: I know very few people who don't have half a bottle of antibiotics
>on their premises....

I have once or twice heard the term "nocebo" tossed about as the opposite 
of placebo. That could be part of it. If the symptoms are gone (and mood 
meds are not the only tricky ones; compare cholesterol-lowering, 
blood-pressure, or anti ulcer drugs) then sometimes the only reminder of 
one's medical condition, day to day, is taking the med itself. I've found 
myself griping internally "Why am I taking X prescriptions every day? Only 
old, sick people should have to take this much medicine!" And that's with 
things like thyroid pills or acne medicine which don't have half the 
emotional baggage that goes with psychiatric meds.


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