[LMB] Lois and engineers

Bart Kemper bkemper at bigdogz.com
Wed, 27 Feb 2002 19:30:01 -0600

 > Subject: [LMB] Re: favorite non-Lois SF/F books OT: Reply-To:
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 > Alexandra Haropulos writes:
 >> Does anyone remember "Mack Phillips'" _The Impossibles_? Or
 >> Jack Wodham's Vestigial Virgins? Christopher Anvil's Space
 >> Patrol? Lord Darcy? Back when engineers wrote SF, rather than 
 >>  English majors?
 > Ummm. Them fighting words?
 > LMB was born is 1949. And her bio
 > (http://www.dendarii.com/biolog.html)  states: "I dabbled with
 > English as a major in college".
 > Oh, wait "[...] but quickly fell away from it".
 > So you are probably not going to get thwapped too hard...
 > ;)
 > Agnes

Lois is a 'special case', being the child of an engineer.  Granted, 
there are those spouses and offspring of engineers that are little 
involved or interested in the engineer's work, but Lois was not one 
of those.  "It rubs off", I suppose, enough to give her an insight 
that has shown in her various works in addition to her command of 
prose that some SF lacks.

the engineer having a hard time with writing fiction, even though 
features and other nonfiction comes easily