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Richard Macdonald rmacdonald at microd.com
Wed, 27 Feb 2002 20:39:13 -0500

"Padget, Scott R" wrote:
> I mentioned The Machine.  Andy Shawhan asked:
> > Dare I ask?
> Well, by my way of thinking you just did....
> Okay, here's the quick summary.  Richard's GrandDon and mine have this
> little class that they conduct on occasion.  It's, um, moderately gruesome
> when one of them does it alone, but it can get quite nauseating for the
> easily-queased when the two of them get together and "tag-team" the
> audience.

They both have WICKED senses of humor, I last saw Don Tivar (also the
first Mastadon) at last KWAR in Chicago, got to spar with him Sunday
morning so I was a little bit stiff from Saturday's bouts.
There is nothing like your Don challenging you to fight 30 grant level
fighters (Dons, OGRE's, or Bronze Rings) in two days, almost made it
just ran out of them Sunday afternoon. I did between 350-400 bouts that
weekend and spent the next couple of days on Ben Gay and Advil.
> The intent of the class is to keep SCA rapier combat blow-calling at a
> realistic level, in an attempt to fight the seemingly-inevitable ratcheting
> up of the minimum force required to make somebody fall "dead" or "disabled".
> Discussions of anatomy, important soft body parts sitting near the skin or
> otherwise unprotected, and the various design flaws of the human body that
> actually *focus* sword thrusts *into* lethal areas that one might think
> protected (lungs, heart, brain), and the observed response of real people so
> injured in real-world knife fights/wars/industrial accidents.  Segue to
> useful but very squick-inducing Nazi research that determined the actual
> force required to achieve a certain type of injury with various types of
> blow and differing degrees of blade/tip sharpness.  Finish with (ta-da!)

There is nothing like getting a "Realistic Blow Calling" class from a
board certified trauma surgeon.

I've had it several times, but his persona development class based on
his west coast ren faire experience is also a lot of fun.
> The Machine.
> Which basically provides a fairly high-fidelity simulation of a human
> ribcage and the degree of resistance/protection it provides to a sword
> thrust.  Fighters (having just gotten sensitized to Real Anatomy and
> presumably thus in the correct mental space to map this simulation to Real
> Life) get handed a sharpened and honed rapier and attack The Machine.
> Repeatedly.  And discover just how *little* force really is required to
> shove a blade into a human body and right on out the other side, and how
> little protection is afforded by the ribcage.
> It's especially amusing when the class happens either just before or just
> after lunch....
> Pilot Padget--who takes an unhealthy glee watching first-timers turn green

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