[LMB] OT: Oh, now that's a great idea

WaWenri at aol.com WaWenri at aol.com
Wed, 27 Feb 2002 21:15:21 EST

Stephen Nelson writes:

> Oh, there was an op-ed peice in August(?)[1] last year
> involving the suggestion that the only way we'll ever have
> quality public schools in AL is to outlaw all non-public
> forms of education so the mean-sprited, bigotted, selfish
> people who use them will HAVE to support public schools
> because their kids will be in them....
> [1] The local mullet-wrapper doesn't have web-searchable
> archives last I looked, otherwise I'd put in a link....

By the same reasoning, the way to get the best cars is to eliminate all but 
one car company.

William A. Wenrich