[LMB] Testing, 1..2..3 [OT:]

Marla J. Davis crzydrgn at intrnet.net
Wed, 27 Feb 2002 21:07:38 -0600

> > I feel *much* better now!  Even if everybody does keep snitching my bus
> > parking spot...grrr!  Those subs have got to start putting the
> > big-wheeled
> > Twinkies back where they got 'em.
> Is this at the schools?  My friend's father was a bus driver, and as I
> understood it if you parked in the loading zone, they would simply park
> you in, with one extra detail.  Since our yellow buses had very high
> ground clearance, they'd simply back up so that the rear bumper was just
> in front of a car's windshield.
> Andrew

Nah, this is back at our Base, where we put the "Twinkies" (our school
buses, also sometimes called "Big Bananas"; and sometimes "Tin Cans") to
sleep for the night.  (I, being Crazy, call *my* bus "Baby"... ,'=D )
Unfortunately, the worst offenders are fast becoming the regular drivers
whose buses konk out on them, and they have to trade out to a substitute
vehicle.  Nobody's stuck the numbers on the fence at the back of the spots
yet, which doesn't help any!

Heh--when parents are silly enough to get their vehicles in the bus loading
zones at one of our schools, the trick you mentioned is a simple, favorite
way to deal with it.  We usually manage to completely box them in, front
back *and* side, so they are NOT moving until we're done loading and are
leaving.  They tend to get the message that picking their kids up where
they're *supposed* to is a whole lot faster than mixing it up with
us--especially if they manage to cross the daredevils among us who consider
that an excuse for Bus Rodeo Practice.  <WEG!>

(::assumes best innocent look::  Does it show that I just *Love* my job???)

Those parents, etc. that park on the street too close to the bus-loading
lot's entry at my Elementary school Do Not do so again, if they happen to be
IN their vehicle when all seven of us pull out--each of us missing them by a
mere two inches or so...  It's even more fun when somebody's also parked
directly across the street from the entry.  A 39 foot long bus has, at most,
literally 2 inches of clearance from each vehicle in this case--and if you
don't have Real Good control over your kids, they *will* do something
distracting in the middle of that quite delicate maneuver.  We have
occasionally had a couple panicked sub-drivers stuck in the lot until one
or more cars were moved...Heh!  Hey, Robert, I bet you'd just *love* this

Those so far lost in their own worlds that they just blow through our stop
arms, get their license plates written down and turned in to the local
police department.  It's against the law to pass us even on private property
these days, when those red lights are flashing and that Stop arm is sticking
out; and somebody passing a line of seven or more loading school buses is
just *asking* for it!  ::attempting to smooth down highly ruffled hackles::

who's probably babbling more than anybody's interested in, but, well,
there's just *lots* of stress roosting on my mental tree right now...
::removing fingernails from teeth before they're bitten completely off::
When the nerves settle down, I'll probably retreat into calm lurker-hood
again.  <=P