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POUNCER <altpouncer at yahoo.com> writes:
<SNIP of several hypotheses of why older titles weren't listed in an
earlier message>
>Anyhow, along all these lines, what about a
>short list of "forgotten/unlikely treasures"?
>The sort of book that we expect most listies
>would pass over, if spotted on the used book
>shelf for a dollar -- but we, individually,
>consider worth, at least, two dollars.

>>From cat 1-c ... a book called, I think,
>_Arial_ about a boy and his unicorn
>in a magical (the science went away)
>post-apocalyptic New York are separated
>and reunited after the boy becomes
>a samuri.  Author forgotten.  Interesting,
>mostly, for the training sequences in
>which the boy tutors under the last
>surviving sensei...

Steven Boyett wrote (years ago now) a book titled _Ariel_. I never read it,
but I have a vague recollection that there was a unicorn on the cover.

>>From cat 4, I recommend a prequel of
>Drake's _With the Lightnings_ called
>_Starliner_.  Seems to be set in the
>same universe.  Star Trek meets the
>Love Boat.   As Leary in _WtL_ is
>interesting for his botanical musings,
>the characters of _Starliner_ and
>their business concerns are a-typical
>of SF.  Not a classic.  But worth a

_Starliner_ set in the _With the Lightning_ universe? If it is, it has to
be way, way back in the historical background (after complete breakdown of
interstellar civilization and travel).

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