[LMB] OT: More evidence for the use of anti-psychotic drugs

Eric Oppen oppen at cnsinternet.com
Thu, 28 Feb 2002 00:27:16 -0600

> Les Miserables, the inspector who spends 20+ years chasing
> an escaped convict whose original crime was stealing a loaf
> of bread, IIRC.
> Eric Oppen wrote:
> > BTW, who or what is Inspector Javert?  I never saw the Pink Panther
> > so I don't get the reference.

Okay...but I want to know:

WHERE were this guy (Javert)'s superiors?  I can just imagine what would
happen if I were a cop and went on this sort of
"Captain-Ahab-and-the-Great-White-Whale" quest...I'd get the reading-out of
my life and be transferred to whatever the police department I was in
considered the closest equivalent of the Russian Front. (Why, yes, I _did_
watch a lot of "Hogan's Heroes" as a child.  How did you guess?)

Or was France such a crime-free utopia that he really didn't have anything
better to do?