[LMB] Naming conventions OT:

Eric Oppen oppen at cnsinternet.com
Thu, 28 Feb 2002 03:28:59 -0600

> Hello,
> All this talk about naming conventions reminds me of the old Chinese
> tradition (but only if you're large family).  The family name will of
> course be the same, but all the children from a certain generation
> would get the same word in the first word of their given name and the
> individual parents would get to decide only the second word of the
> given name.

Sounds like the family I lived with in Taiwan.

Father's name was Yin Yi-huang.  His two children were Yin Chi-an and Yin
Chi-huei.  I don't know what the characters for their names are---it's been
nearly twenty years since I lost contact.