[LMB] Books in Translation (was Childhood favorites)

Claudia Muir claudia at bookcase.com
Thu, 28 Feb 2002 13:06:43 +0100

Bo Johansson wrote:

>My feeling is that it would actually be better to read original
>German books that you had first read in English translation.

Seconded.  Absolutely.  Also, frankly, the German translations of LMB's 
books are not good.  For a while, we had someone who claimed to be the 
translator's cousin on the list - Michael Morgenthal?  I'm not sure whether 
he's still around.  He always defended his cousin's work (lousy pay, not 
enough time, etc.) but I stick with my opinion.  They're just not good -- 
and I'm a translator myself, so there.

> > So could someone give me a good quote on how much it would cost to
> > obtain German Bujolds or other really good authors? ...
>You could try  http://www.amazon.de/

They even ship to the States, although that might be awfully expensive.

For a German SF-author who's definitely worth a try -- Gert Prokop.  He's 
hilarious and his main protagonist is a very intense, dwarfish guy...   No, 
no copy of Lois' work since he predated her on that particular 
protagonist.  Just browse on amazon.de and have fun!