[LMB] OT: More evidence for the use of anti-psychotic drugs

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Thu, 28 Feb 2002 09:43:40 EST

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>  Kicking back to the title, 50/50 this person could be functional if on 
>  anti-psychotics and taking them consistently. We aren't very good at 
>  getting people to keep taking their meds who don't want to, short of 
>  committing them. (See previous paragraph, also medical ethics.)
I quite agree. The state of Oregon is saving beaucoup bucks by funding my 
son's medication and various other support mechanisms, rather than to house 
him in Salem. And you know...the day Brian saw THE MADNESS OF KING GEORGE and 
it finally dawned on him how he felt and acted sometimes looked like on the 
outside--he's never argued about taking his meds. Oh, sometimes he's 
accidentally skipped them (we can tell if he's missed more than two days), 
but he's never seriously argued against taking them at all ever since. But 
then, he's pretty high-functioning for schizophrenia (or schizophrenic 
affect, or whatever--Brian doesn't really fit in any of the regular pegholes 
for _anything_, though I suspect his brain would look like Swiss cheese on a 
PET scan. Let us just say I did not have a good first trimester--broken nose 
in a softball game, massive blood loss surgery, various drugs--ack!). 

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