[LMB] DI - Now the Thug is Done

Scott Hofmann shofmann at mindspring.com
28 Feb 2002 13:53:34 -0500

>>>>> "e" == echelbar  <echelbar at execpc.com> writes:

 e> Anges said:
 >> I thought that the genengineered telepathic horses
 >> Athos started exporting to boost its economy were
 >> cute. They will be even better when Athosian
 >> geneticians manage to produce them in more than
 >> one color... all white is sooo boring, even with
 >> the blue eyes and the silver hooves,

 e> Louann wanted to know if people were getting Lifebonded, too.

 e> No, no Lifebonding.  But I thought the scene where Ivan and a Haut
 e> Lady Recognized each other was very moving....

And the revelation of Ekaterin as dramliza was suprising, to say the least!


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