[LMB] OT: Sequim

Nora Bombay nbombay at mindspring.com
Tue, 08 Jan 2002 22:59:08 -0500

>>Mike Garrison wrote:
>Yeah, but I always figure New Yorkers retire to Florida because they have 
>never been to Arizona. I'm a Seattle boy through and through, but even I 
>admit that the Southwest has its charms. Even Boston had too much humidity 
>for me. Florida would be like the land of the living death, I think.

See, if the humidity get's under 50%, I shrivel up like a prune and break 
out into a seriously unnatural rash. And I absolutely despise moisturizer. 
I have to wait 30 min for it to soak in before I can tolerate getting 
dressed or something.

And lets not even talk about what happens to my hair. It's a flat super 
straight hair normally. Kinda abused by my love of hair dye, but fine.

In winter? I'm wearing a crown of straw, and god forbid I forget to go buy 
proper ($15 a tube conditioner). Then it's just scary.

This is why I moved to DC, humidity capital of the northeast.

>And I climb mountains. Kind of a non-starter in FL.

Definately. Our highest mountain is space mountain. And it pops out at like 
200 feet above sea level.

I'm rather afraid of rocks personally. They are pretty much a no go here

>Hey Elizabeth, if you ever get out this way do look me up. I'd be 
>delighted to meet you. But it's a long way by Greyhound out here to "The 
>Other Washington".

Greyhound isn't allowed to abduct me. I'm much more fond of the airliners.

"Greyhound abduct me" is from the late great comedian Bill Hicks. He was 
performing  a show in Fife, Alabama, where most of the locals had witnessed 
an "alien abduction". He was praying to be abducted from Fife.

Elizabeth, trying to figure out what Miles book would be the best for a 
pair of likely new converts. One is a 40ish Episcopal minister. The other 
is the 17 year old son of our Seminarian. I'm thinking just doing Warriors 
Apprentice for both.