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Wed, 16 Jan 2002 10:11:20 -0500 (EST)

Quoting Bart Kemper <bkemper at bigdogz.com> re uterine replicators:
> Granted, there are many advantages about such devices, but my wife 
> weights in *against* them, at least for herself.  She really enjoyed 
> being pregnant (all things considered) and especially enjoyed the 
> bonding she had during the pregnancy.  

Well, it's all about choice, isn't it?  Even on Beta Colony where replicator 
births are the norm, some people choose body births - including Cordelia's 
sister-in-law.  Heck, even Cordelia chose a body birth.  If she had really 
wanted to use a uterine replicator, I'm sure she would have done so.

> I wonder how the sentiment has evolved on Barrayar about this issue.  I
> can see female traditionalist insisting this is the best way, some 
> "reformist" (is there such, really?) being firm replicator advocates, 
> and a lot of people unsure about them.

I can imagine a scenario where it becomes a status symbol to have a body 
birth.  A replicator birth becoming something only the proles do because the 
mothers have to work full-time, and can't afford to lose time to morning-
sickness, medical appointments, the birth itself, etc.  Whereas rich Vor 
matrons just get together for tea and crackers and swap nausea stories.

Ivy Yap
iyap at toad.net

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