[LMB] RE: CoC Quotes for Brian...

Brian Myhre drulithen at yahoo.com
Fri, 26 Jul 2002 20:59:06 -0700 (PDT)

Marna wrote:
     "a word in your ear from Auntie Marna. 
Infatuation is only a piece of love, and it brings
with it its own kind of selective vision...

but I suspect that you will find Danielle the fallible
human creature an easier lifemate.

Forget it, and mistake the highly coloured picture of
St Danielle in your mind for The Real Danielle and you
may find yourself feeling obscurely betrayed and

I thank you for your advice and concern for my
wellbeing, however I have learned this lesson far to
often (both from observing it in others and from
personal experiences) to mistake the "vision" of my
beloved Danielle with something more than what she is.
 She is just as human and fallible as the rest of us,
but that does not make her any less beautiful or less
"right" to me.
     If anything, it is my own insecurities that will
not allow me to believe she is perfect, for I am not
deserving of what I have, let alone perfection.  Do
not get me wrong, I will defend her honor and all else
to my dying breath, but that does not meen I worship
her as anything more than what she is.
     Forgive my rambling, I miss her a lot sometimes,
and tend to extemporate too often.

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