[LMB] Keyboard Technology OT:

Joanie Laurel shadow_rose at hotmail.com
Fri, 07 Jun 2002 23:29:38 -0700

><snipped & paraphrased> going to get a laptop rather than a desktop

I'm sure someone else has already said this onlist, but I too have a laptop 
(Dell) serving as my primary desktop. External keyboard, external mouse, USB 
hub, occasionally an external monitor (depending on demand in the rest of 
the household) and a travelling cord and a stay-at-home cord that's plugged 
into the wall so I won't have to go crawling behind the desk every time.

Dell's customer service is usually excellent. Unfortunate music and every 30 
second evil hold messages, though. The keyboards on them do bust up. I've 
heard other people saying that Dells are excellent for high-budget companies 
that can afford to replace yearly, and IBM is the better choice for the 
small user. Avoid Dell phone sales staff: in my experience with them, two 
times out of three, they were rude, inconsiderate, pushy, and not fun to 
deal with.

--JL, whose tasks for the weekend include removing everything worth saving 
from said laptop, formatting, repartitioning, reinstalling the Windows OS 
that came with it, plus arbirary flavour of Linux for experimental purposes.

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