[LMB] Apology re: Baba stuff

Robert Parks rparks at lvhot.org
Mon, 17 Jun 2002 21:34:28 -0700

Amy Sikes Haskins responded to Diane:
> > I'm now officially apologizing to him on-list.
> Yeah.  What she said.
> Sorry, Robert.  I certainly didn't mean to make you feel
> uncomfortable in any way.


Anyway, I'm glad that something (else) came up that scotched my planned
hiking/soaking trip this weekend (leaving from work tonight, returning
Wednesday evening)...so this didn't fester for another two days.

uncomfortable?  been a long time since someone ELSE made me
uncomfortable...I do it to myself from time to time[1].  Left me without
a response, or even at a loss for words, sure, but uncomfortable? as
opposed to angry or upset?


[1] most notable recent time was when I was watching a new young
ballerina doing Sugarplum Fairy...my favorite ballerina wandered in with
her newborn and watched for a while...and turned to me and asked "What
do you think."  I like and respect Tina and gave her my honest opinion
"Does nothing for me".  In the ensuing silence, I had enough time to
remember her telling me about one of her summer students who was offered
a contract with the ballet and connect it with her coming in for an
unknown dancer" "Oh" I had the sense to change the subject rather than
stuffing my foot in further by saying "She dances it well"[2]

[2] Which Tina would have instantly understood to mean (correctly) that
she was a good mechanic, but lacking spark, emotion or interest.[3]

[3] This spring Tina mentioned that Vanessa is looking for coaching in
these weak areas.[4]

[4] This would help, but I still don't like her turns.