[LMB] house uniform colors

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Tue, 18 Jun 2002 14:43:00 +1000 (EST)

 --- POUNCER <altpouncer at yahoo.com> wrote: > Did we
ever decide if Vorfamily official colors
> were reserved to the 60 sets of Count's colors,
> or whether maybe minor houses/families (or other 
> social groups) might have special color coding?
> I'm minded of Ambassador Vorob'yev, who attended
> Cetagandan function in his "house uniform".  Yet
> I don't know of a Count Vorob'yev. (Not that
> I might not have missed one piddly little Count.)
> Ivan, Lord Vorpatril, wears the House colors of
> the Count Vorpatril, even though Lord Ivan
> seems to hold his own title independent of
> Count Falco. 
> There do NOT seem to be Vorsoissen house colors
> that Nikki is sometimes obliged, (or entitled
> to, or proud to) don.  
> Vorob'yev may be in Gregor's colors, I suppose...

I was thinking that they're not house (aka family)
colours per se but Count or District colours, so
everyone in that District would have that Count's
colours to turn to.


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