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Thu, 20 Jun 2002 03:54:14 -0700 (PDT)

Marna Nightingale <marna at redmaplegrove.org> wrote:
> Which is why behaviourists  are actually very very good
> at, say, phobias.  Many people like behavioural therapy
> exactly because  they don't "mess with your
> mind". They don't ask personal questions, they just 
> help you get rid of your  twitches. 

Oh, vast agreement.  And for education --
the part about transfering data from one
(usually more mature) brain to another (usually
young and spongy) -- the behaviorists can't
be beat ... insofar as objective measures 
like mulitple choice tests can be said to
determine what works. 

For other things, not so much.  Plain
and simple grieving, for instance, doesn't
seem to me a target for Skinnerian modification.
(Nor, tell the truth, for cauterization of
the nose... a widely applied technique it 
seems to have taken Freud a LONG time to 
discard out of his bag of tricks.) 

I have the impression that Mark's therapist
was rather more of the Skinner type than
the Freud type. (Uhm. Mark Vorkosigan's. 
I have no idea about the list-Mark's therapies
or even if he is getting any. Therapy.
Jeez, I'm digging in deeper and deeper.) 
As you say, rather than explore Mark's
"thing" about Miles, she's working to
help Mark control particular compulsive
behaviors -- excessive eating, inappropriate
sexual overtures, unnecessary assassination...
All to the good, I'd think.

The butchers who brainwashed Bothari into,
mostly, forgetting about Vorrutyer's crimes
went quite a bit deeper than mere behavior.
I don't know who the founder of THAT school
of psychiatry was.  But that sort of thing
is, I think, the type of mind messing that
gives the whole field a bad name.  

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