[LMB] off topic question for the list-mind

Robert Parks rparks at lvhot.org
Wed, 26 Jun 2002 19:18:31 -0700

a quick revisiting of the latin mottoes topic.

"Clothing Optional beyond this Point"

any ideas?  any fun variations?


Yeah, I'm back, going through winnowing out the stuff I don't want to
respond to.  I'm supposed to be at the opera in 18 minutes (oops, early
curtain, gosh darn...guess I'm going to catch up on the list instead[1]
and desperately need to take a bath and wash my hair (20+ miles of
hiking in hot weather plus 10 hours in the hot spring[2])

[1] I don't like Handel, I REALLY don't like Handel...and I won't go if
I have the least excuse.  And now there is Janacek on the CD carousel.

[2] I'm not about to get my hair wet in hot (slightly) alkaline mineral