[LMB] rules from favorite books OT:

Laura Gallagher kelts at earthlink.net
Thu, 27 Jun 2002 16:08:57 -0700

re: Gallico
> The Silent Miaow,_ the memoirs of a cat who discusses how to
> manipulate humans.  I still LOL over it.


>> It's not a book - but from the soon-to-be-released episode 6 of
>> Girl Genius - "und any plan vere you lose your hat iz a bad plan!"
> >
> Just picked it up yesterday.  I adore the Jagermonsters:  fearsome
> gengineered supersoldiers with an all-pervading sense of humor!  And
> yes, that was a great line!

You picked it up?  I saw on their webpage that they were still hoping
to have a June ship date.  But we don't have ours yet - we have a
subscription, so I was quoting from the "Ashcan Edition" that they
sent out when 6 was so late, small and a lesser quality photocopy in
black and white.  Hey, where's my color copy!  Hmph.