[LMB] First thing I'd do as an SF writer...

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Mon, 18 Nov 2002 02:09:22 -0500

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> Meg Justus wrote:
>  was coincidentally skimming through _The
> Though Guide to Fantasyland_ (which doesn't need to be recommended on
> this list, right?) this morning, and it has the following entry:
> <quote - p49 Vista PB>
> COMMON COLD: The is one of the many viral nuisances not present. You can
> get as wet, cold and tired as you like and you will still not catch
> cold. But see PLAGUE.
> </quote>
Sherwood Smith's characters catch colds in Crown Duel....  
And of course the protagonist of Chalion is NOT immune to diseases..... 
> And for Terrence's migraines... maybe he could treat them but that would
> also suppress the telepathy?

That's Terrence, only Lois knows if it's unique to him.