[LMB] Re: Active vs. passive

carbonelle at juno.com carbonelle at juno.com
Thu, 28 Nov 2002 02:58:56 GMT

Bart writes of the War of Northern Agression [1] (aka 
"the recent unpleasantness":
The North was under martial law, habeus corpus was 
suspended,"... etc.

But wasn't much of the West coast of the U.S. under
martial law during WW2? Doesn't that imply that during 
wartime the rules are a bit different?

Any constitutional scholars [2] on the list want to
enlighten my ignorance? Non-scholars needn't apply--
I don't need a history lesson--I merely lack the tools
to interpret what I know.

Kirsten (the curious) Edwards

[1] Spent a not-too-successful summer in Fredericksburg, VA
    one year. Have neither mindset nor natural good manners to
    make a successful Southern woman.
[2] I'd also be v. interested in discovering a constitutional
    scholar on the list who's scholarship did NOT involve the

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