[LMB] Poor Simon's Almanack - October 15

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This Day In Listory:

2001 - (Digests 4709-12) Lesley Knieriem starts a thread on the most 
annoying SFnal (media) character.
2000 - (Digest 3620) Cover art and book recs threads are ongoing.
1999 - (Digests 2837-9)  Multiple requests to stop the religion based 
discussion are (finally) calming things down.
1998 - (Digests 1948-50)  Here's the start of another fine Pouncer fic!
1997 - (Digests 912-6) Handwriting.  Splitting infinitives. Pat Wrede sums 
up a sometimes touchy ongoing thread by saying (about school librarians): 
"I think they're a wasted resource, that's what. They should all be rounded 
up and put in charge of simple things like the world economy, except then 
all the school libraries would fall apart."
1996 - (Digest 405) James Bryant reveals the exciting news that Lois is 
getting hooked up to the net, and MIGHT actually lurk on the list!
1995 - (Digest 99) Spoiler free Cetaganda comments.
1994 - (Old Digest 8) Stephanie Folse begins the Dreaded Casting Thread.

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