[LMB] Poor Simon's Almanack - October 26

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This Day In Listory:

2001 - (Digests 4752-6) Strong upsurge in GURPS interest. POST FROM LOIS 
seeking title ideas for a possible new collection of her older novels.
2000 - (Digests 3642-5) Quite a bit about weather, both here on Earth and 
in the Nexus.
1999 - (Digests 2857-8) Margaret Devere, who was present at Lois's reading 
of the first two CoC chapters at MileHiCon, shares the Good Stuff.
1998 - (Digests 1970-1) LOTS more about Ivan's Good Points, plus rebuttals.
1997 - (Digests 941-2) What stories might still be getting told about Miles 
back at the Academy?
1996 - (Digest 421) Pretty much ongoing threads, no new breakout material.
1995 - (Digest 109) First post from Jean Cain!
1994 - No posts today (mail server glitch suspected).

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