[LMB] What Exactly IS An 0T Post???

Kay Carrasco koolbeans at dfn.com
Fri, 28 Feb 2003 19:20:22 -0700

The OT Thug writes:

> Been off list for a couple days and this storm blows up. <

    Ermmm, wellllll... it was perhaps a bit stormy at first, but it
seems to me that we've turned the temp down a couple of degrees in the
last few days. I'm finding it an excellent discussion, with good and
useful input. I hope even more people will speak up, with opinions,
ideas, proposals, suggestions and the like. As George pointed out
yesterday, any change to our list conventions should be for the
purpose of *improving* the experience of its posters.

 > Hey folks, it is a point of courtesy and nothing else. <

    Absolutely! (As is Quote Pixie-ing.) In fact, rather than refer to
any of our guidelines or conventions as "Rules," the far better label
*is* "Courtesies"! I do hope that by discussing it in terms of needs,
or preferences, or priorities, or what have you, that we can all begin
to come to a better understanding of what real value those courtesies
have to fellow listies, and what keeping to them will entail. Even a
little bit of thoughtfulness goes such a very long way.

> One last point.  I feel for Mark when he wrote "There are those who
disagree  with me, and I have stopped attempting to THUG them."
Folks, one of the  reasons I gafiated the position was some of the
rough responses I got to the reminder. <...>  Sorry if I sound bitter,
but some of the responses to a gentle reminder were either angry or
crude or both.  Not my preference for light reading. <

    Jeff--and Mark, if you experienced this--that should *never have
happened*. I am sincerely sorry that either of you were ever made to
feel slapped down or abused. That's just... <thank you, Ivan>...
*wrong*.  Perhaps by continuing to gather input from the list, a bit
of tweaking of the present FAQs may result in a great gain in
clarity--and a higher level of courtesy and thoughtfulness towards
others. That'd be the ideal, yes?

    Thanks, Thug-Original and Thug-Helper! You're *appreciated*.

~ Kay, both fan and supporter of the Critters