[LMB] 0T-Free Digest Technicalities OT:

Kay Carrasco koolbeans at dfn.com
Fri, 7 Mar 2003 07:33:39 -0700

Robert snerked and Andrew responded:

>> And *you are personally responsible* for *how* much of that?! :) <<

> Hey, I demand the right to claim my share! <

    Claim away, lovie. Just don't forget to add your two addresses for
the proper sum: 683 + 614 = 1297. Which puts me at 47% of your total,
by volume.

    Oh, better and better. Not as profligate [1] with those bytes as I
thought. Context is all. Whee!

~ Kay

[1] Webter's New World, definition *second*, thanks. Heh.