[LMB] DI-17

Marna Nightingale marna at redmaplegrove.org
Sat, 08 Mar 2003 18:50:27 -0500

Louann Miller wrote:
> Maybe a better question would be -- do we know of any occasion in Miles'
> life when he got extremely cold and he DIDN'T hate it?

I'm guessing that being undersized and skinny, Miles has always gotten
cold fairly easily, and had trouble warming up again.
I get cold extremely easily, despite being neither. Circulation
issues. I hate it with a passion too. Hate it. Hate it. Words cannot

I mean, I don't know anyone who really LIKES being really cold, but
when for one reason or another it becomes a significant part of your
life to have to be careful about it, you can get darned near
*religious* aboout how much you despise and avoid it. 

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