[LMB] Anthologies (was digest, Vol 1 #2176 see how far behind I am?)

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>The only trouble I've had lately with Baen labeling was
>with a couple  of  Spider Robinson anthologies. They
>turned out to be a mix-and-match of the 
>content of two _other_ Robinson anthologies 

Robinson's antho's have the drawback of NOT being part of
a series.  The tiny little problem I have with Jim Baen's
republication of Lois's stuff in antho format is that he
refuses to insist she write at least a few pages of
connecting framework, (in accord with the the precedent
set with the Vorvolk as auditor frame in the orignal
bookform of  _BoI_.)  We did get a bit of author
commentary in _Cordelia's Honor_ which I do appreciate...

But darn, given the advantage of having a consistant
character throughout the anthology can't we have a bit of
frame.  Gregor encouraging Laisa to take judo, she says
she wouldn't be good at it, Miles chiming in he was never
good at it either, but it still comes in handy, Gregor
agreeing and mentioning that time they were forced into
hand-to-hand combat in the Hegen Hub -- "three guys
against us, all bigger than me, much less Miles!"  "And we
were bound shoulder to ankles in tangle web"  "Well,
shoulder to knees ..." "Yep, you kicking and flopping as
they dragged us closer and closer to the airlock."  

Laisa: "I'd have thought you could bribe them, or talk
your way out of it..."

"I tried.  One of them pulled a vibrablade and tried to
cut out my tongue." 

"Oh my gosh! What did you do?"

G&M exchange glances. G shrugs. M says.  "We won,

L:  "THIS, I have got to hear!'

"I guess it all started when I got my first assignment
after ImpMil..." 

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