[LMB] OT: colons

Susan Fox-Davis selene at earthlink.net
Tue, 11 Mar 2003 09:29:24 -0800

>> One interesting bit of research I read recently indicated a strong
>> correlation between c-r cancer and lack of vegetables and fruit in
>> *childhood* diets (particularly raw fruits and vegetables).
>> So, if you have kids, force those veggies into them. Now.

>I believe the phrase would be "me and what army?"  Would definitely
>require the juicer, a funnel, and some serious sedatives.  (And I want
>there to be leftovers for me afterwards.  The sedatives, not the

Part of the point of the exercise involves the fiber in the veggies, so
the juicer may or may not be helpful.  Brendan's dear li'l colon is
worth the trouble.  The veggies wouldn't hurt you either, mind.

CHEESE SAUCE.  It's all about the cheese, right?
The yellow cheese food product substance from
the Kraft Mac'n'cheese is sold separately.  Put that over peas,
chopped green beans, whatever.  The cheese sauce will sell it.
If nothing else, as an apology for being vegetables! <g>

Susan Fox-Davis/Ma Foxti
selene at earthlink.net