[LMB] OT: kiddie veggies, was colons

Christine L. Forber christine at forber.net
Tue, 11 Mar 2003 14:16:10 -0500

At 10:43 AM 3/11/2003 -0800, Laura Gallagher wrote:
>Except, of course, that he utterly can't have any cheese, or in fact
>anything with dairy products in it.   Now that he's on the full gfcf
>diet, there's incredibly little he can and will eat.  I'd love to get
>veggies in, as that would open up some possibilities.  His sister eats
>carrots, maybe that will help.  I'm going to try raisins again yet. 

What about any salad dressings? We used to give our kids a bowl of carrots 
or broccoli tips with some salad dressing to dip. They loved that.